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“My favorite vibes mallets of all time?
Good-Vibes M237 medium-hard (purple) “Bobby Hutcherson” as they produced them until the 90s. After something has changed and the ones on the market now don’t have the same sound. I proposed to Alessandro Pellegrino to try to recreate them. So here are the Apinstrument B20s.
Have a nice Vibes!”

Simone Beneventi

“Professionally playing such fine and demanding music as jazz requires versatile mallets that can have attack and speed to get the right presence in the ensemble, alongside amplified instruments, and at the same time the body and lightness required in formations like the trio. or in vibraphone only. APinstrument’s B20s embody all of these qualities and provide jazz players with the ideal mallets for a wide and powerful vibes sound.”

Nicholas Thomas


Round and full-bodied sounding mallet but without having too much tip.
Perfectly balanced, the weight is very well distributed between the head and the handle
resulting not heavy and therefore very controllable.
Designed for different languages ​​and musical styles, the B20’s play a bit of everything and range between different musical contexts such as languages ​​where more definition and attack is required but also those languages ​​where it is necessary to have a more rounded and velvety sound.


inner core: TECH MATERIAL
single mallet weight : 37,5 gr
endurance : OPTIMAL
handle diameter : 8,5 mm
total mallet length: 39,5 cm
handle flexibilty : MEDIUM HARD
balance: OPTIMAL

Diameter and length of handle customizable.

A special thanks to Edoardo Ponzi for the recordings and contents, Simone Beneventi and Nicholas Thomas for the reviews.



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