Calabrian Olive

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ulivo calabrese legno

The olive tree is the white gold-yellow wood with lighter streaks and variegated with darker streaks.

The olive wood has a fine texture, is very hard, it is compact and homogeneous, and is resistant to woodworm. He tormented and irregular grain. high shrinkage. medium-high nervousness. Average specific weight at 10% moisture: g / cc 960. Brinell Hardness kg / mm² 4.8. anka kg / cm 1100. Average depth of imprint: 169. Medium shrinkage value: 1.5.

Structurally, the olive wood consists of: 50% carbon, 42% oxygen, 6% of hydrogen, 2% of minerals – nitrogen – pigments.


Family: oleaceae
Growth: tempered and warm climate. It prefers calcareous and rocky soils.
Dimensions: grows to about 15 meters, the trunk is twisted and thick cable.
Durability: He begins to bear fruit in the tenth year of life and reaches the period of greatest production towards the fortieth, then takes over the maturity phase that lasts from 60 to 100 years. The olive tree is a very resistant and durable.
Grain: very hard wood with a strong grain, very tangled fiber.
Hardness: high (P.S. from 0,98 to 1,13)
Withdrawal: little
Nailing: not recommended
Planing: difficult for the movement of the grain
Finish: It lends itself very well to be sanded and polished. Excellent yield with linseed oil.
Employments: objects, furniture, turning, parquet.
Color: yellowish sapwood and heartwood varied blackish brown.

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